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Kemaren udah profilnya abang sekarang fakta anehnya. Kemaren udah pake bahasa iggris sekarang pake bahasa karna aku lelah :''' tapi lagi mood nulis english.. (pdhl aku RIP English). Maaf kalo posting sebelumnya banyak inggris yg salah maklum lah aku cuman selevel anak desa.

Flashback bulan April kemaren aku lagi gencar2nya sama abang udah kaya sasaeng fan. Jelas ga lah... xP pokonya sampe semua akun yg bertujuk Satoh Takeru di twitter sama fb aku follow/add. Foto abang aku koleksi tapi yang tersimpan di laptop cuman 600 files syediihh. Tapi sekarang semua rasa itu sudah basi. Sudah bosan. Soalnya aku orangnya gampang bosan ganti bias tiap sebulan sekali. Takeru tetep bias aku kok.

abaikan foto2 yg di luar itu

Biarlah openingnya pake bahasa and now on i am in charge in English xP
Also yesterday i was forgot to add about his stage play, "Romeo and Juliet" theatre starring Satoh Takeru and Ishihara Satomi.

Now let's to the topic. Satoh Takeru facts:
  • When he was born, everyone was amazed his prominent face features despite his small body. 
  • When he was an elementary kid, he learned Sorim offered by his dad. Has black belt.
  • His movements were acrobatic that he was called monkey. 
  • In middle school, he received more than 10 chocolates by Senpais on Valentine’s Day. 
  • He was involved in baseball team, Geju and other activities and decided to quit to study for high school entrance exams. 
  • He play Baseball in Elementary and Middle school. 
  • Graduate on March 2007, a week before his 18 birthday. 
  • He was very intelligent that he was ranked number one often. 
  • He got into North High School in Koshigaya Prefektur Saitama (No.2 famous, hard-to-get-into high school) where he could attend by bikes. 
  • During high school, he was focused on dancing that he slept in school and practiced dancing at night. 
  • At 9th grade, he got 100s on math 
  • During his second year in High School (most likely in 2005 or 2006 at the age of 15 or 16) he was scouted on his first ever visit to Harajuku on the famous Takeshita Doori by a scout from AMUSE Entertainment. He already knew about AMUSE since before and had a interest in the business, so he also frequently says that if he never was scouted he would probably applied for it by himself and because he admired Hukatsu Eri, He choose Amuse. 
  • Before he was shooting for Princess Princess D, he had been working at nearby market. (morning: school, afternoon: working, night: dancing) 
  • He had tough schedule. He had not gone to Disney land or Fireworks and didn’t enjoy memorable teenager life. 
  • He thought he failed the audition for Princess Princess D, but he actually made it. Because the drama didn’t have great fund, actors didn’t have makeup artists. But Takeru says because of that, he enjoyed acting.

This is how Take in PPD. *CRYING*

  • His hobby is amongst other things to play with his two cats named Kouchirou and Pouchirou and continuously updates his blog about them whenever he’s home (He once wrote about how proud he was when Kochirou hit Puchirou, and Puchirou didn't hit back). 
  • His special skills are break dancing and the Rubik’s cube. In Kamen Rider Den-O he got the opportunity to incorporate his dancing skills into the drama and has since then often been asked in interviews to show a bit of his dancing. 
  • He was therefore one of the few actors in ROOKIES who had any experience with baseball when the shooting began. FYI, he played as a center or on the left field. 
  • In 2007 he received medical treatment when diagnosed with Pneumothorax and was released after 10 days. More recently he caught the flu during his appearances for the Event “The GAME ~Boy’s Film Show~,” which led to a rescheduling of a few of the shows. 
  • He is known to get along well with fellow AMUSE actors such as Miura Haruma and Sakurada Dori and according to other fellow AMUSE members he often goes out for karaoke with them. Another friend of his is the ex. D-boys member Shirota Yu which often takes him along for drives. 
  • He celebrated his 20th birthday with a festival in Odaiba, called "Takeru Festival 2009". Fans gathered and watched montages of Sato's previous and current works and even the commercial for Lotte's Fits mint. It also included a live chat between Satoh and an MC and ended with Sato singing 
  • Takeru’s favourite singers are Mr.Children, ONE OK ROCK and Shiina Ringo. 
  • He doesn’t smoke. He says he doesn’t like being addicted to things like that. 
  • Starred in three of Bahashishi’s PVs, “Oasis”, “Yakusoku” and “Kiseki” which are all connected into a story where Takeru plays the male lead. 
  • On his blog, he has talked about the stress and loneliness sometimes felt in being the star of a television show. 
  • He can't touch his left shoulder with his left hand and right shoulder with right hand. But lately because of some therapy, he finally can touch his own shoulder

Takeru in newly TAKETELE finally can touch his soulder
  • Surprisingly enough, Takeru wasn't popular at all in high school. He kept to himself and usually wouldn't go out of the classroom during breaks. 
  • He enter in random shops (I bought a lot of things) 
  • He wear sunglasses (I've lost a lot of them already!) 
  • He like antique things (I'm currently searching for a good globe) 
  • He change clothes many times at home (I enjoy being fashionable) 
  • He love Harry Potter (I wanted to see all the movies in a row yesterday.) 
  • He eat onigiri (Salty ones) 
  • He go to bed before midnight (That's healthy) 
  • He like the brand which is often advertised in the first pages of mags about fashion. (I think it's called "Idea".)  
  • He love Mickael Jackson 
  • He shout with a big voice (I'm annoying) [Actually yes, i don't like his singing voice but if you hear it again it's so sexy and i don't hate it]

Family facts:

  • Father: 
Takeru doesn’t live with him since his parents’ divorce in his middle school. Father’s hometown is Miyazaki. Takeru loved Kamen Rider Amazon because of his dad. His dad is strict and diligent that he educated Takeru well. That’s why Takeru is not stuck up like most bad guys. (Goodjob dad!)
  • Mother: 
Not so conservative as to intervene her child’s business. Tsundere mother. Claims that she watches Kamen Rider because of Momo. (She is so funny. This is from A Studio talkshow guessing Takeru, watch it on YT)
  •  Sister: 
4 years younger than Takeru. Wants to be an anime artist. Calls Takeru ‘old man’ at home. (And seems they are not close. One day when Takeru want to buy his sister a clothes for gift but Takeru doesn't know her size and last he didn't buy it)
  • Grandmother: 
Loves Takeru’s accomplishment as an actor. Bought a nice winter coat for him. (According to A Studio talkshow, Takeru grandma seems so funny xD grandma top one actor actually isn't Takeru, sorry not sorry i forgot the name of the actor"

  • As a high schooler, Takeru thought school was boring until he found a break dancing club to join, and the first time he break danced for the public as an actor was in the making of PPD. Then, Kamen Rider Den-o fully utilized his skill by having Takeru dance whenever he was possessed by his fourth Imagin, Ryutaros. In the Den-O special talk show, Takeru also dances to Climax Jump with, the regular group of guys, and he had only started practicing the night before.
  • Takeru's second specialty is the Rubik Cube. Right after Takeru danced in the making of PPD, Takeru solved a 3x3 rubix cube (While he was doing so, co-star Kamakari Kenta takes pictures with him, bugs him, and ends up breaking the rubik cube.). He can not only solve regular sized cubes, but also make patterns out of 5x5 ones. Also, in a sanma appearance for the ROOKIES movie, Takeru solved a regular cube, made patterns out of one, and made a giants picture using five rubik cubes. He has some mad rubix cube skills.  

by me:

I just forget about whut to say now because its midnight ughh


  • Takeru's English pronunciation is really sexy. I love the way he speaks in English. You can try to watch HT DVD in NY, there are some scenes that Takeru speaks some English xD

  • Takeru's height is just 170cm. I think that was not too tall for actors nowadays. But because this height he can perfectly became a Himura Kenshin hehe

  • From The Emperor's Cook scene, he cross dresses lmao

  • I think only Takeru in japanese entertainment that is dare to sell a calendar book were thick (more than 100pg) and too detail

  • He is so weak to caterpillars
  • I honestly hate his hairstyle in Rookies

  • He also had his narcissistic era

  • In Mei 2016, he officially published his offcial LINE account

  • Due to Satoh Takeru's 10th debut anniversary at 28th June 2016 his staff publish offcial twitter account to informating about his photobook and DVD for celebrating the 10th debut anniversary.

OK Thats all because i am so sleepy now. I don't review and edit it, just publish hihi. I'm sorry if there's something bad.. About the pictures, i choose random xP sorry not sorry.

If Cats Dissapeared from The World (2016) starring Satoh Takeru and Miyazaki Aoi

Don't be so serious, thank you for reading all~

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Thank you for sharing! Recently I loved Takeru-san from dorama Kyou Wa tsu ... When he became male lead actor. Does he has a personal blog? And you write that takeru doesn't smoke, but sadly I see him smoking on nanimono (2016) dorama:( please I see forward for your reply:)

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Where can I get Takeru's interviews with English sub?



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