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btw Happy Eid Mubarak for those who celebrating it! Mohon maaf lahir bathin :))

Today/tonight post is about our Kenshin, Satoh Takeru. I want to post about him since April but i can't bcs final exams or i just lazy to open this blog...... AHA! Well i seems boring with him now because i have new biases again xixixi. NO i mean there is nothing wrong if we have about 5 or 10 biases. Yes it normal... but tonight i want to share his profile and how i meet him.

First i want to tell about how i meet him. If you think i meet him because Rurouni Kenshin LA you're WRONG!
So the story was back then i am wanting for japanese romance movie, i search it on google. (also back then i just knew actor Yamaken for romcome la, and L-DK is the movie i watch after move on from animanga or 2D world). I found movie titled "The Liar and his Lover" and also another japanese romcome movies. It's spent a lot time to finally watch The Liar and his Lover because i watch another movies. Then when i watching it i found Satoh Takeru as in the movie he is a sound engineer or bass player. I watch it and his acting is just AMAZING! Especially i love his gaze or stare eyes xD so i love him bcs The Liar and his Lover movie, i really recommended this movie.

The Liar and his Lover Poster
I downloaded Rurouni Kenshin to see how is he became a Himura Kenshin. Just remember the time that i was an animanga lover i decline to watch real movie :''''' Finally i watched it and WTF HE IS SO COOOOL AF. He acting so good and he can make his character alive, i dont know how to explain it but if you watch him act you can feel his charisma and that was really amazing. I found some interesting news too that he is an actor for Kamen Raider DEN-O. Kamen Raider to Kenshin that just adorable!
Then i download and watch his another movies/dramas and now i already watch all of it except Rookies drama because it has too many episodes. And yes all of his drama is really good. In Q10 he is acting with the Absolute Ace of AKB48, Maeda Atsuko. Takeru and Acchan are so cute there x3 and Acchan as robot KAWAII SUGIRU. In Bitter Blood he is so funny as Natsuki. Also there are Bloody Monday where he is acting with his best friend, Haruma Miura. Try to watch their DVD it was so funny. In the DVD Takeru doesn't seems to cook but because the drama Emperor's Cook he rolling as chef he began taking cooking lessons from August, 2014 at a culinary school. He also had his hair cut for the drama.
Newly movie by Takeru are Bakuman (2015) his role as Mashiro aka Saikou. From kamen raider to kenshin then a mangaka xD. If Cats Dissapeared from the World (2016) according to the title its seems really sad movie, lately airing in japan theatre. Somebody (2016) i don't really know about his role here and the movie doesn't air yet.

Satoh Takeru Profile

Name: Takeru Satoh
Japanese: 佐藤健 (さとう たけ)
Profession:  Actor, Model, Singer
Birthdate: 21st March 1989 (27 years old)
Birthplace: Iwatsuki, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Height: 171cm
Blood type: A
Star sign: Aries
Agency: AMUSE jp
Favorite pet: Cat (named Kouchiro and Pouchiro)

Drama Series

TV Movies


Promotion Videos
  • Bahashishi, Oasis (オアシス)(2007)
  • Bahashishi, Yakusoku (約束)(2007)
  • Bahashishi, Kiseki (キセキ)(2008)
  • Mayday, Do You Ever Shine (2014)

  • "Pre-go: Zero" (2007)
  • "Double-Action" (2007)
  • "Perfect-Action: Double-Action Complete Collection" (2007)
  • "Real-Action" (2007)
  • "Double-Action Wing form" (2008)
  • "My Color" (2008)
  • "HT"(HT 〜N.Y.の中心で、鍋をつつく〜) (2010)
  • "HT2"(赤道の真下で、鍋をつつく~) (2011)

  • Pre-go: Zero (2007)
  • Intently First Photobook (2008)
  • 400 Days Photo Album/Diary (2008)
  • Takeru Magazine/Takeru Magazine Plus (2008–)
  • Deep Breathing/「深呼吸。」 Second Photobook (2009)
  • So Far So Good! Takeru Satoh Profile 2007–2010 (2010)
  • Nouvelles (2011)
  • Rocka Nibunnoichi 1/2 Vol. 1, 2, and 3 (2013)
  • Rurouni Kenshin (2014)
  • Alternative (2014)
  • Takeru Xten, 10th debut anniversary photobook (2016)

  • 60th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actor in Mei-chan no Shitsuji 
  • "Rookie of the Year" - 2011 Elan D'or Award - February 4, 2011 
  • Japan Action Awards 2012 - Best Action Actor: Rurouni Kenshi
  • Japan Action Awards 2015 - Best Action Scene: RK Kyoto Inferno & The Legend Ends
  • Japan Action Awards 2015 - Best Action Movie: RK Kyoto Inferno & The Legend Ends
  • Japan Action Awards 2015 - Best Action Actor: RK Kyoto Inferno & The Legend Ends
  • 8th Internation Drama Festival in Tokyo - Best Actor: The Emperor's Cook
  • Hashida Awars - Best Actor: The Emperor's Cook
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